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Catholic Religious Educators Association

(aka) National Conference for Catechetical Leadership

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810 7th Street NE
Washington,  Di 20002
Phone: 202-750-4243

Promoting the ministries of catechesis and evangelization within the Catholic Church in accord with the vision of Scripture. Working to collaborate with other leaders in the development of catechesis, religious education and faith formation.

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Hear what members are saying about NCCL  

“ As Parish Catechetical Leaders, we have our finger on the pulse of the church. NCCL gives us a space to share our experience with others and realize that we are not alone in our work.  Together we can assess the changing dynamics in ministry and forge a new path forward.” - Individual Member  

“ Being part of NCCL means being part of a professional network. It means having a voice at the national level and a seat at the table.” - Diocesan Member  

“ NCCL is a valuable asset for all Catechists, Catholic school teachers, Directors of Religious Education, and all those seeking to share the faith. The trainings, resources, networking and seminars are excellent!” - Diocesan Member  

“ Before participating in NCCL I had ideas for my ministry. Now, I have a concrete plan. Participation with NCCL has empowered me and helped me to actualize my vision. I’m more effective in my role and can serve families better.” - Individual Member  

“ NCCL membership gives you access to thousands of members across the country, all centered on the common mission of catechesis and evangelization.” -  Corporate Member  


Support those who share the Catholic faith.

Support members of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership as they share the Gospel message. Your donation directly empowers ministers; equipping them with the tools they need to better serve the body of Christ.

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