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Catholic Health Care for the Poor

(aka) Catholic Medical Mission Board

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100 Wall Street
9th Floor
New York,  NY 10005
Phone: 800-678-5659

Working in partnership globally to deliver locally sustainable, health solutions to women and children. Inspired by Jesus, serving the poor and marginalized, providing medical and developmental aid to communities in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean.

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Real Life Story


Zereda is an eight-month-old baby who was found to be malnourished by CMMB assessment staff. His mother was also found to be malnourished. They live in the Rimenzi Internally Displaced Person's settlement camp. When we spoke to the mother she said, "We eat once a day and we normally depend on Cassava leaves. We don't change diet because there is no food in the house and we have no money to buy. In our village, we used to have a lot food, but after we got displaced in January, we left everything in the house and we can't go back due to insecurity. I'm going to enroll for the CMMB nutrition program at the health center so that I can improve my health and that of my baby boy." CMMB's nutrition program in South Sudan is helping children, and pregnant and lactating mothers get what they need to be healthy.

Photo Credit:  Charles Lomondong/CMMB

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