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Christian Media and Arts for Positive Values, Creative Paradox

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Annapolis,  MD 21403
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Today's media assaults morality. We help artists spiritually, relationally and artistically in creating films, music, paintings, photography, and media that contain values that glorify God.

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Success Story

TO: Creative Paradox regarding the film A Winter Observed.

I've just sat and enjoyed your short film 'a winter observed' and I really really truely loved it! Its so refreshing and inspiring to find Christian film makers and Christian ideas being shown in a positive fashion, so I must thank you greatly for the creation of the film!

I too, am a Christian film maker, but until recently hadn't crossed those two areas of my life, but after having seen your film, it has made me really want too, so thank you so much!

On another interesting aside, I'm also engaged in a long distance relationship, so I felt I could really relate to it.


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