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Away with Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery

(aka) Freedom 4 24

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PO Box 3155
Lynchburg,  VA 24503
Phone: 434-582-4517

Stop rampant sexual exploitation of women and children worldwide and in the USA. Help rescue victims of human trafficking, and empower us to provide a pathway to freedom through shelter, education, counseling, healthcare, jobs, and spiritual restoration.

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Real Life Story

Ivy's Story
Lakewood, CA

Ivy is a strong, courageous young lady. Raised by a single mother, she was drawn into human trafficking at the age of 19. After surviving two years of that lifestyle, she then spent 7 months behind bars after being labeled as both a victim and a criminal guilty of conspiracy of pandering.

Now free, she realizes that being incarcerated was the best thing that happened to her. Not only did she come to know Jesus during that time, but her time in jail also gave her time to heal. She is regaining her self-confidence by attending women empowerment courses and regularly seeing a therapist. Ivy is attending school in hopes of becoming a certified beautician. She has also found employment cleaning restaurants and is working hard to grow her client base.

Although free from her trafficker, the road to recovery is long and continually met with fear and doubt. Pray for Ivy to continue to have the support and encouragement she needs to stay on her path toward healing and freedom from trafficking. Pray also against a spirit of depression and discouragement which can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Pray for her to have strength everyday and to remember her eternal worth and the hope that lies before her.

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