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Children's Worldwide Hunger & Health Relief

(aka) Impact With Hope

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25182 W. River Rd.
Perrysburg,  OH 43551
Phone: 419-878-8548

IMPACT WITH HOPE's mission is to Reach Out & Serve Others by mending broken bodies, bones and hearts, and feeding hungry children by packing meals. Impact responds to Disaster with Medical Teams, Bucket Brigades, Child Sponsorships, and Child Rescues.

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Success Story

Maya doesn't understand  world economics. She has no idea that businesses are closing, jobs are ending, and families are losing their homes. All she knows is that there are children starving in her homeland and her hearing is failing so much that she has been unable to work among the families in need.

Born in Tajikistan Maya, has always worked among the poor families in Tajikistan.  Even as a young child, Maya was a always seen helping or giving away all that her tiny hands could carry.  Then in her adult years her hearing started to slep away to the point she became a recluse in her home.  There are simply no viable options for treatment in her home country, and so in time Maya simpley could not hear.  Even the cripping of the birds voices were taken away. When Maya contacted Children's Worldwide Health & Hunger Relief the door of opportunity were opened and she recieved surgery.  Now, Maya is able to hear the voices of the birds and the water streaming over the rocks at the LightHouse. 

Children's Worldwide Health & Hunger Relief is reaching out to serve the needs of children and their families in far away places like Honduras, Haiti and Tajikistan, and right here at home in our own backyards.

We're not asking you to bring about world peace, find a cure for every disease or bring an end to global hunger. We know you can't change the entire world. But you can help to bring hope, health and healing to someone in need, like Maya.  And you can start today.

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