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Transform lives of poverty through microenterprise. Empower poor entrepreneurs by providing small business loans and skills training in Bangladesh, Philippines, Uganda, Cameroon, India, Zambia, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico.

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Real Life Story


When we first met Lydia, things were not going well. Her parents had passed away, her husband had left her to be with another woman in the same town, and she was living in extreme poverty. She was barely scratching out enough income for her seven children to survive.

But Lydia is an entrepreneur at heart. She simply needed an opportunity to unleash her talent. Partnering with EndPoverty gave her the courage and means to pursue her dreams.

With a loan from Endpoverty Lydia began a business making ginger powder. She has gradually grown her business, which has not only provided food, clothing, and shelter for her own family but also created jobs for 20 of her neighbours.

After working with a co-operative of farmers and receiving business training,??support and a small-loan from EndPoverty, Lydia launched her business processing ginger powder. Lydia began to expand her business, eventually hiring 20 full-time employees to sell to clients as far away.

Lydia is a huge inspiration. Not only has she built a profitable business, but she has also hired many vulnerable youth and women workers on her farm who did not have access to jobs otherwise.

I want to thank God for my life. For the people, I can help along the way. The thing that excites me most in my day is my enterprise. I feel my happiest when I am working"

Lydia describes how her circumstances do not get her down anymore because she loves to work. She is so thankful to be able to support her children and neighbors from the proceeds of her business.

Help Poor Mothers in Bangladesh Become Self Reliant!

Help us stand with mothers stuck in extreme poverty that are struggling to provide for their children. Let's make October Power to the Parents month. Share your story, like our page and post to your social media, use #power2parents #endpoverty

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