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Great Dads

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12211 Quinque Lane
Clifton,  VA 20124
Phone: 571-643-4526

Our vision is to encourage fathers to turn their hearts to their children and family; accomplishing this by training fathers in The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad. Most of the 53,500 dads trained are in homeless shelters, rehab centers, prisons, and China.

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Success Story

Joel had been married for about 10 years. He was a rising star in a national corporation. Working late was an unquestioned part of the job.

But Joel was getting home every night at nine or ten p.m., exhausted. He'd creep in, late, and kiss his toddler daughter in her little bed, but she didn't know he was there. Meanwhile, his wife was becoming more and more remote.

Some of Great Dads' key training principles convicted Joel that he needed to set his priorities straight and put his wife and family first.

He took a deep breath and had a talk with his boss the following Monday morning. "I need to spend the evenings with my family," he told his superior. "I've got to get out of the office in time to get home for dinner."

Joel's boss just looked at him. "It's your call," he said. "But if anything starts falling behind, there will be consequences."

Joel started leaving his office every day by 6:30. His daughter was waiting by the front door. He played games with her, helped his wife with dinner, tucked his little girl into bed and read her stories.

He rebuilt his frayed relationship with his wife. Instead of breaking apart, Joel's marriage flourished . . . and now, 14 years later, he and his teen daughter have a great relationship.

"If I had put my job first 14 years ago," Joel says, "I wouldn't have a family today."

One more detail. After Joel's boss saw him going home to his family every night—and still getting his work done—he began to question his own priorities. Then he started going home at 6:30 also . . . and re-connecting with his wife and

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