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Hope Builders Ministries

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P.O. Box 317
Greenwood,  VA 22943
Phone: 434-964-1032

Equipping, empowering and supporting under-served rural leaders to bring Christ to their own people - pastors, disciple makers, widows, orphans - in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Zambia,Malawi, .Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

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Success Story

Mozambique Discipleship Work

Mozambique, inmate Mufaso: "I was in prison for 3 years before I heard of the forgiveness that Jesus offered to sinners. Pastor Michaq came to teach us and after I repented and was powerfully saved, we heard how we could be Disciples following the Great Commission. Now everybody in this prison is studying the Disciple Maker Program and growing in faith".

He finishes his letter with: "Thank you for not despising us in prison - we have learned a lot. But a question worries me 'Why did I have to go to prison to hear this message?'".

Hope Builders Ministries focuses on starting Disciple Maker groups in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Malawi and Congo as well as two Indian states. Local village leaders are trained for one year in a Christian Evangelist program and for the "called" a further two years of pastoral training is offered, ending in a three year Diploma.

Over 200 million Christians on the African continent do not have access to a Bible for personal reading and study. Our Bibles for Disciples program is working at providing 85,000 Bibles to our Disciple Makers who use them to lead their disciples to mature witnesses in God's Kingdom. We currently have 7,600 Disciple Maker trainers.

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