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Christian Adoption and Orphan Care

(aka) Open Door Adoption Agency

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P.O Box 4
Thomasville,  GA 31799
Phone: 800-868-6339

Children deserve love, security and families. We support and assist birth parents and adoptive couples and facilitate adoptions of orphan children. We place domestic and international/foreign children into loving Christian adoptive homes.

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Success Story

While working through An Open Door Adoption Agency as an adoption consultant one little boy changed my life. I was asked to go check on a case in which the birth mother wanted to place for adoption her 4 l/2 year old son. The next day, as I visited her, I will never ever forget that day or the little boy who almost broke my heart even as he was stealing it away. He had big sad brown eyes, deep dimples and was extremely thin with cuts and bruises all over his frail body. As he and I drove down the highway leaving a life of pain and misery on our way to his new adoptive family, he said. "See the flowers, Miss Clarissa! The flowers love me." He meant the only comfort he could find in his very cruel world was through nature. He was a very smart and resilient child who could look outside his pain and suffering and still see beauty. He told me he had to sleep on the floor, and I am convinced he was being kept locked in a room alone and was only fed occasionally. He was physically as well as emotionally abused. My husband and I have cried many tears for that boy, but the latest tears were tears of joy. Through An Open Door, he found his wonderful forever family who persisted in loving him back to good physical and emotional health. He has a wonderful life and future now.

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