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Methodist Mission Home

(aka) Whitby Road Alliance

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6487 Whitby Road
San Antonio,  TX 78240-2198
Phone: 800-842-5433

We have been serving communities throughout Texas and surrounding states for 121 years by providing adoption services, support for birth mothers and adoptive families,and vocational training to young adults with disabilities,leading to employment.

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Real Life Story

Misty lives in a verbal world yet silence engulfs her.Growing up, Misty says she didn't like herself very much and was rebellious."I resented the fact that I was deaf.I couldn't accept myself the way I was.I didn't want to be deaf". At school, she found herself in the middle of the ugliness of being ridiculed and considered an outcast. As challenging as school was, life after graduation was even more disheartening.She learned about Methodist Mission Home's Center for Higher Independence (CHI),a transitional education center for young adults with disabilities. At CHI, students learn life and vocational skills and gain the confidence to live independently.Today, 22-year old Misty Mullen is a leader in her church, an advocate of deaf culture awareness, a member of the Signs of the Time deaf choir and a compassionate and supportive young lady."I am a lot more optimistic and confident in myself now," Misty added.And with her confidence, she has developed a true passion for giving people insight into the deaf culture."I am now proud to be deaf and I've noticed that people's perception on our culture can be misconstrued sometimes," she said. "I really want them to understand that we are just like people who can hear.We can get a job,drive a car and have a great time.We just communicate in a different language." Asked if she was looking forward to graduating, Misty answered "Yes,I am very excited.I look forward to the future and will take all the great advice and skills I have received at CHI and do amazing things. I know it." We have been providing life skills and vocational training to thousands of young adults with disabilities in preparation for independent living.

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