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Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund

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5200 Wind Point Drive
Racine,  WI 53402
Phone: 262-639-9398

Help ROOF give hope to unadopted orphans left behind. We provide education, work and housing support, and substitute family life for long term institutionalization. Help us battle to change prejudice against our young friends in Russian society.
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Success Story

A personal comment from one of our students at ROOF's Post-Orphanage Education Center:

"I want to take my hat off to the people who thought up this experiment and to those who make it happen in real life. I'm receiving enormous enjoyment from my studies at the Center, despite the fact that they are also so good for my brains and my soul! I have to say that I was sceptical of this experiment at the beginning - after all, I've already tried to start studies in 3 institutes and haven't been able to keep up. I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of the teaching at the centre and understand that I came to the right place. I really hope that here I will be able to build the knowledge base that will help me to finish my higher education - not just start it!"
- Pavel Ignatov

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