African Children's Fund for Orphaned and Abandoned Children

(New Hope Uganda Ministries Inc.)


Brings healing, hope and a bright future to orphaned, abandoned and special needs children, meeting emotional, spiritual, and physical needs within Christian family environments.

Success Story

Robert was taken by Kony's soldiers during the insurgency in his area. They slept on the bare ground, sometimes ate sand and greens to survive, drank whatever water they could find, and only had the clothes they were taken in. He prayed to God while he was there. "If this is my end, it's ok," he told God. "But if You still have a plan for me, take me back." God answered his prayer and was able to escape! Since then, Robert has received an education and continued on to be a mechanic. In addition, he enjoys leading worship and is thankful to God for his family at NHU's Kobwin Children's Center. Naomi is an elderly widow living in rural Uganda. With her are six of her grandchildren. Naomi is often sick and rarely has the strength to work her land to receive a harvest. Sometimes the family sleeps at night having had nothing during the day except for weak tea. They are often so hungry that they disturb the neighborhood by stealing fruit from others. Currently, two of the children under Naomi's care were accepted into New Hope Academy and receive two meals a day. In addition, Naomi is receiving medical care at our clinic. Mary, a mother of one of our children, reports how thankful she is that her son is full. Her son Laban attends NHU's primary school. When he arrives home, he says he is too satisfied from what he received to eat anything more. Mary is widowed and her late husband was a polygamist, a common practice in Uganda. Because of this, she was only left half an acre of over-cultivated land. As a result, her garden does poorly and so her other children often only have one meal a day. She is thankful for the meals Laban receives through NHU!