Mission Without Borders: Ukraine Call To Prayer

girl holds a poster that says pray for Ukraine

February 24th marks two years since Russia declared war on Ukraine. Our partner organization, Mission Without Borders, has issued a global prayer call for the devastated Ukraine population.

The Mission Without Borders website asks others to Pray for Peace and Restoration, stating,

“This 23rd to 25th of February Mission Without Borders is committed to standing in prayer for Ukraine.

2 years on, the Ukraine war continues to drastically impact millions of God’s people, Millions are displaced, grief and trauma continue to run deep in the hearts of nations, buildings and homes destroyed. But we know that our God is bigger and greater than anything that comes against us.

So, gather your family, friends and church, and join thousands of people in over 18 other countries as we pray and believe for the impossible to happen in Jesus Name.”

Mission Without Borders does not usually specialize in trauma management, but with the outbreak of war and the horrors, it brings, they have pivoted, learning to help train teams to deal with the war trauma people now face while continuing their programs of long-term sustainable sponsorship programs, family and child support, and community care.

Please visit Mission Without Borders Pray for Ukraine Resource Page to learn more, view prayer resources, and register for this important day of prayer.

Thank you, and God Bless.

To learn more about Missions Without Borders and other organizations with which we partner to bring Christian compassion to all God’s children, please visit Our Partners.

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