Preparing for Easter – A Message from an Inspired Volunteer

Hand in silhouette holding glass piece etched with image of Jesus Christ on Cross backlit in sunlight.
Easter Blessings

Christians use the weeks before Easter Sunday to prepare for Jesus’s Death on the Cross, followed by the Celebration of his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

The weeks before Easter Sunday have always been a time of personal reflection and preparation for Christians. In my personal faith journey, many family rituals helped us prepare for Easter. Many of those have gone away or are not as common today.

This year, my preparations have included participating in a book reading and a weekly small group discussion in my parish. Many great ideas have come from this process related to preparation for the Easter Season.

The one that resonated for me, personally, was the idea of service or acts of service that we could consider. If we think of the life, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus as the ultimate acts of service, we find the example to follow.

I have thought about how I can create more acts of service in my own life. This, for me, can be supporting charities or organizations where I can provide time or talent in addition to other services I do in my parish community.

Or, even more simply, to develop a better life of service – create a personal attitude of service. That, I think, is one of the important tenets of living a good Christian Life – something I am focusing on in preparation for the Joyful Message of Easter.

Christian Charities USA partners with many different organizations that share one common goal—to bring Christian Compassion to all God’s Children. To read more about the incredible acts of service these organizations perform every day, please visit Our Partners.

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